Summer Series Blogs 1 – Intro

Welcome to the first article of my Summer Series Blogs – the Intro!

It’s William Huynh often confused with William Hung, yes the ‘She bang, she bangs’ dude from American idol fame (same vocal cords and dance moves but no relation!) #samesamebutdifferent

                 William ‘Well Hung’ Huynh

Just in case you wanted a reminder (, now that we’ve got that out of the way onto the article!

Summer is Coming and we the inhabitants of Melbourne, Australia 🙃 (not Melbourne, Florida, USA) are leaving the last official month of Winter! Hoorah!

But before we get into it, I just have to ask you to select either option A or B:

A) Now’s the time to get my beach body ready for Summerrrr! or B) So what? I couldn’t give two shits about Summer coming around again!

If you selected the latter then feel free to enjoy this wonderful meme below and I hope to see you again when you select A) Cheerio!

Oh goodie! So glad that you selected A), let’s keep on going. So if you’re wondering who the hell am I and what the hell is this blog all about? Let’s dive right into it!

This is me – Willis, a dude as follows:
⇒ 172cm and 69kg (doughnuts dependent 🤣 ) ;
⇒ On the verge of hitting the thirsty 30 life;
⇒ Work 45+ hours a week with two jobs (engineer and crossfit trainer); and
⇒ On top of all the usual stuff you find in life i.e. working out, hanging out with family & friends, swiping right 👉 etc.

Just like you (maybe more, maybe less or maybe none at all) I also have limitations with my time (I’m not constantly training, lifting weights and drinking protein shakes 24/7).

I’ve also had my own fair share battling with my weight, insecurities with my own self image and self worth and meme addiction. From the pictures below, you can see that I’ve been on both ends of the body weight spectrum (until finally getting my shit together).

Early teen years

Typical super scrawny Asian chopsticks kid

                                           Kitchen of Huynh


Too much comfort food, relationship breakups, you name it… Look at that fatty fat fat fat!


                          85kg+ of fat and unhappiness

Fast forward to present day 2017

                                  Still a knob though         

Only through trial and error was I able to determine the things that worked extremely well for my body and mind and those which I avoid like no tomorrow.

Summer Series Blogs

I wanted this first blog article to be a quick intro and a start of what will be many more to come in my Summer Series blogs – where I share my personal experiences with you!

Whether you’re working on that beach body, special occasion or to be healthier in general (for the rest of your days). I want to share with you the things I do that make my life easier to obtain the body and mind that I’ve always desired.

I hope you enjoy these articles as much as I enjoyed writing them. No matter how small the impact might be, by sharing my experiences with you I hope they can aid you on your journey.

So stayed tuned for the following blog articles to come (will be linked once done and I would love to hear from you about what else you’ll like me to write about!).

🔥❤🔥 Summer Series Blogs 🔥❤🔥 

William Huynh/Hung out!


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